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:blackrose: WELCOME TO GUILLOTINE MANSION :blackrose:

:star-empty: INDEFINITE HIATUS :star-empty:

:music: Chaos is our welcome guest :music:

:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:









If you would like to affiliate with us, let us know and please let us send you the affiliation request! This will increase the chances of us actually becoming affiliates
:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: A MAGICAL DINNER:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:

Since the disappearance of Etienne, the Hidden Library had lost some productivity and things weren't going exactly the way they used to. Luckily, the Library's next-in-command stepped up to the task of running the Room - Marie Blanc.

As a welcome, the Mansion decided to host a magical dinner in honour of their new leader, Marie. A great feast has been prepared, and not to mention the desserts! They were made with the utmost care and they taste… well, magical!

:new: The event is now closed. Thanks for participating! Member remanagement will be happening in the next week or so - Kishi is very busy right now ;u;

The dinner went most well, and after much celebrating, servants and leaders alike went back to their rooms and slept. All was good for a few days, until some very strange things began to happen. Strange spells began to take effect on the servants who were at the dinner that night. What could it mean? The leaders head down to the Kitchen for some answers...
Seems like a very cheeky servant had tainted the desserts with some potions from the Library! Worried, Marie looked into her various spellbooks for what the affected servants could expect in the coming days.

Each dessert was contaminated with a different spell potion! Below are the particular effects of each spell and which food it came from. Servants are requested to stay calm and take note of what happens to them. The Librarians are also taking this as an opportunity to record more data for their spellbooks. You will be given a detail shortly regarding the type of spell that has been cast onto your character, generated randomly!

Draw how your character is reacting to the magic placed on them.

-- Spectrum Jelly Tart --
A small, simple looking tart which reveals a whole rainbow
in jelly when eaten. It is a mix of sweet, fruity flavours.

Spell: The person who ate it will turn into a particular
colour all over - hair, skin, clothes - you name it. If the magic is
really potent, they will change the colour of everything they touch
into their own, but temporarily.

-- Bittersweet macaroons --
Sweet chocolate and vanilla macaroons. However the chocolate
ones got a little burned, and taste slightly bitter.

Spell: Eating the vanilla macaroons cause a person to
shrink, while the chocolate macaroons cause them to grow bigger.
The intensity of the size change depends on how many macaroons
the person has eaten.

-- Blooming Candies --
Made of real flowers. Despite how beautiful and colorful the
basic ingredient is, it has a sweet taste like a normal candy.

Spell: Once you eat it, a flower will magically grow and
bloom on your body. Which flower you eat determines what kind
of flower will grow. There is a chance that the flower also be a
different colour to what it normally is.

If you did not comment with a dish prior to the update and want to participate, that's ok too! Simply pick a dessert and your detail will be assigned to you.

:new: There has been some issue with an event folder, it seems. Please submit everything to the "Events" folder!

This evening is also a chance for all the servants to explore the Hidden Library. Be warned, some odd things happen in there. Also, it's rather big and people have got lost before, so don't freak out if you spot a dusty skeleton somewhere... Stick together!

What do you think the Library looks like?
What will you find in there?
Did someone let Blanche out again?

This event will finish on July 31. Please note that this is a compulsory event and if you do not submit any artwork by the 31st (or note a very, very good reason why you were not able to participate this time around) you will be kicked from the group.

:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:
:new: ENROLLMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thanks for applying! Apps will be processed in the next few days.

More information about the event will be posted in the event journal. Please be patient and look out for it!

To anyone who sent apps and their request has EXPIRED or DISAPPEARED FROM THEIR INBOX, please send them in again.

To anyone who currently has a request sent in that is not expired, please be patient.

To anyone who is currently thinking of applying, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR THE BALLROOM. I have received about 3+ apps for that Room, and I am willing to expand the number of spots to the number of people with acceptable apps. I feel it's not fair to turn down a join request because they didn't know that Room was full, and that is very clearly my fault. If you were one of these people who applied to the Ballroom prior to this announcement, please send in your apps again by the deadline or else you will have to compete for Ballroom spots after the event like everyone else.

Thank you everyone for your patience!


Due to exam season, enrollments will remain open until further notice!

Please comment below, when will be the best time for us to hold the compulsory event? We don't want to unfairly kick people because they were studying like good little boys and girls ;u;

Thanks everyone!


Hello everyone!

Enrollments will be closing temporarily on May 19 (one week from now).
If you've already sent in an app and your request has expired, don't worry, we got it. You don't need to send another request.

For anyone still wishing to apply: Get working! One week to go!

Enrollments will be closed during our upcoming event, which will be compulsory. (We can probably assure you of a lot of free spaces after this event!)

Thanks for being patient everyone!
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hey guys! i just wanted to say i love you all, i joined at first around the first month this group opened, and it was worth it. We had our ups and downs with the people in the group and this group was by far the best iv'e ever been in.
I love you guys so much, i was so dedicated and i'm sorry i'm not as much anymore. My characters will miss you,  and i wont return. I'm going to leave DA as of tonight forever and if i re-join i might drop by but i wont say it's me, its just for the better at this point of my life.

thanks guys..... i really do appreciate all of you.

ESP NANA AND KISHI and just, everyone we had. Everyone including him, he'll always be here and you know who i'm talking about.

<3 Avryis 
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